Quarantine Perfected Living: Create a Spa-Worthy Escape at Home

We’re all in the comfort of our homes more than ever right now. Perhaps more than we’d like to be! Which is why we thought it may be helpful to share some of our top designer-approved tips for updating your bathroom to feel like a spa escape. By investing in elevating your space, you’ll be able to feel relaxed and rejuvenated despite it all with your new spa-like surroundings. Read on to learn more about our top tips for transforming your bathroom into the spa sanctuary of your dreams.

Tip #1: Mix Materials & Textures

Elevate your bathroom by focusing on incorporating luxurious textures and an array of materials. From cozy velvet seating to marble countertops, you’ll quickly upgrade your space into a spa-like atmosphere. Think about the five senses when considering your redesign or remodel and how you can appeal to each of them. Add in plush rugs to sink your feet into, materials that cater to showcasing your favorite calming colors and candles or fragrance to delight your senses. Our favorite home fragrance is Le Labo Santal 26 – it’s the perfect balance of masculine and feminine combined into one mutually appealing scent!

Tip #2: Go Neutral

Opt for a light and bright aesthetic to create a calm mood every time you enter. By focusing on creating a minimal space with intentional design choices, you’ll feel like you’ve transported to a spa getaway. Our all-time favorite neutral paint color is Sherwin Williams’ Drift of Mist because it balances well by working with both browns and grays, adjusting to either warm or cool tones. Pairing this with neutral but textured tile delivers a curated and layered look with lots of depth, while giving off a minimalist feel. If helpful, our favorite neutral tile combination of the moment is pairing Caesarstone Fresh Concrete Quartz in 4001 with Ann Sacks Lava Calda in White Blend.

Tip #3: Prioritize Lighting

People are accustomed to automatically thinking about dimmers for their dining room lighting, but it often doesn’t cross their minds when considering bathroom lighting. One of our favorite ways to create a calming mood in a bathroom is to utilize dimmers for ambient lighting. Not only does this offer control over the lighting itself, but also over how the space is felt and experienced. Combine your lighting with a mix of your favorite candles to elevate your spa-like experience to the next level. Pro tip: Le Labo makes candles, too!

Tip #4: Splurge on Quality Towels

There’s nothing less luxurious than a scratchy bath towel. Invest in yourself and consider purchasing high-quality bath towels to take your bath-time experience to new heights, like the ones from Peacock Alley (our favorite!) With something like towels that are both long-lasting and durable (when you choose quality), it’s a worthwhile investment for creating an inviting atmosphere from our vantage point.

Tip #5: Invest in Heated Floors + Towel Warmers

If you’re really looking for a true spa feel, consider installing heated floors and towel warmers to take your bathroom experience to the next level. The cozy warmth of the floors will keep your toes happy, while the towel warmers will round out the cozy experience ensuring you always have a warm towel to grab on your way out of the shower or bath.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful, particularly during this “new normal.” As always, if you’re interested in working with our team to create the beautiful space you’re envisioning, we’d love to be your partners in designing or renovating your space. Simply send us an email and we’ll be in touch with next steps!


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