Located off the main boulevard of downtown Del Mar, our showroom is a place that becomes a one-stop destination for all things interior. Whether you are in search of a single key piece or wanting to dive deeper into furnishing your home, let our space inspire you to enjoy the experience either way. With our thoughtfully chosen selections of furnishings, lighting, fixtures and even flooring, you are sure to find something that will find it’s new home within yours.

Our showroom is a place where sitting and feeling the texture of a fabric is a must. We invite you to utilize our space, but also our team to help push your design ideas forward. Come learn about how you can spend the day with us with our In-Showroom Experience.

Come see how we can assist
you in your design project.


Do you need to book an appointment to come in?

Not at all, we accept all walk-ins to come view our showroom. If you are wanting some more one-on-one time with our design team, you can also book an appointment with our In-Showroom Experience.

Can I buy any items off the showroom floor?

Absolutely! Our floor items are thoughtfully placed for inspiration and for purchasing.

Do you have any kitchen and bathrooms on display?

Although we do not display any kitchen and bathrooms, we are dealers and designers in both areas.