La Jolla Oasis

Out with the old and in with the new, except not entirely new. A lot of times, you can remodel your home without having to break the bank in demo-ing everything. When it’s hard to envision how to upgrade your home, let us do the “heavy lifting” for you and redesign your home.

For this project, we changed out the flooring to this beautiful DuChateau hardwood that will last for years to come. Its neutral color has both hints of warm and cool tones so it easily blends well with the home.

We really wanted to brighten up this space so we added in neutrals overall, but with pops of blue throughout in things like throw pillows, the accent color in the rug, the kitchen backsplash, and even with the book on the coffee table.

We didn’t change too much of the house architecture and instead just utilized paint to our advantage. By adding the black accents in the wooden beams and around the windows, it added a nice punch to the crisp, white walls. We even wanted this kitchen nook to stand out with an extremely bold + black-stained custom table.

With the powder room–tiny but mighty–we did not want to miss the opportunity to still WOW people. The leaf wallpaper has a delicate feel to it, but with the darker contrast in the accents added a bit of masculinity. If you take a closer look at what’s beneath the kitchen island you will notice that there is hidden cabinetry. Instead of leaving it as empty space, the client cleverly suggested adding in this cabinetry detail.

Taking a look at it all and reveling in it’s sight because who wouldn’t want to hit “refresh” in this beautiful oasis!


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