Liven Up Your Home

Here are our 5 ways to add some new life to your home. We’re all stuck inside at the moment, so why not be in a space–in your home–that brings happiness and joy.

With any of these five ideas, Barton + Barton is here to help and assist! You get the expertise of our design and the swiftness of our customer service. It’s our way of showing you that we are here to add some sunshine in preparation of the sunnier days ahead.

1. Add a splash with pillows

Play around with colors, texture of the fabric and even the overall size of the pillow in your space. The possibilities are limitless!

2. Refresh in luscious bedding

Some of us might be currently living out our beds so why not do it in fresh, new bedding that gets us excited to stay in bed.

3. Change up your walls, change up your mood

Figuring out the right paint color can seem worrisome, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a simple way to brighten up a room or even change up the look to a space.
To go an even further step, be bold and look to put up wallpaper! There are so many fun, different looks to go for with wallpaper and we help to make it easy by finding one that is perfect for your space.

4. Light up the room

Lighting gives us a new reason to look up! From a striking chandelier to a fun but minimal wall sconce to even modernizing your canned lighting, new lighting can easily boost up the ambiance in any space.

5. Find that new key piece

Spending all this time home, you start to notice that you’re needing that one signature item to complete a room. You’ve been putting it off but sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet. Decide to splurge on yourself because you’re worth it and who wouldn’t want to enjoy their home just a bit more during these new times.


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