Remodeling—the social distancing way

These are extraordinary times we’re living in.

Staying in has become the new norm, but it doesn’t mean we have to stay bored while being home. Add some new life to your space with a remodeling project. To make it easier, we’ve listed out our 5 ways that allow you to safely remodel your home in our social distancing way:

  1. Face masks, gloves + hand sanitizer = check, check + check!
    All persons entering your home will always have these on with the hand sanitizer on deck. Your home is your safe space and we want to keep it that way.
  2. Scheduling one trade at a time.
    As our clients, you get to forget the stress of organizing and scheduling because we are here for you! In managing your schedule, we efficiently and strategically create your calendar so that only one trade enters your home at a time.
  3. Regular disinfecting of areas.
    Once a trade prepares to leave your home for the day, proper disinfecting practices will be done to ensure that we keep your home clean and sanitized.
  4. Removal of any unnecessary items daily.
    By removing these items, we are eliminating the chances of items to act as a host for the virus.
  5. Knowledge is power.
    With all the new information and regulations from the CDC and State of California, we will do our part in closely monitoring any and all updates. We will ensure that our trades are also adequately informed so that all parties continue to stay safe during your remodeling.

While our day-to-day life may still be up in the air, we are able to navigate our way around it and adjust our ways in order to make things happen for you. We all deserve to enjoy these times inside our home so take your first step and set up a free virtual consultation with us today!

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